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            1. 086-510-85388169
              Dampener machine

              XMHHZS mixture dampener


              ● widely application
              ● dampening intensively and temperate
              ● New advanced technology and high efficiency
              ● practical design and low operation cost


              XMHHZS mixture dampener is the main machine for wheat moisture adjustment in flour milling plant, consists of dampener and auto control system. Main working component is propeller blade propeller, mixing tank inclines upward by 20 degrees, so that while the material is pushed forward, part of the material is continuously sliding under the action of its own gravity,then make the materials mixing fully, water also distributes evenly in the process of full contact between wheat grains. Microprocessor used in automatic control system of water immersion can automatically control the amount of water immersed according to the set moisture content of moistening wheat ,in this case it can make the effect more stable.

              1.Dampening intensively and temperate:hybrid water turbine rotor system can carry out strong and mild water impingement on grain, and the amount of water added per cycle can reach 1%-5%
              2.New advanced technology and high efficiency :two-component spraying system and a special rotor are used to make the material rotate at high speed, so that the material can be fully mixed with the atomized liquid, thus ensuring the efficient immersion of wheat flour and wheat bran.
              3. Can be used as continuous on-line mixer or single flour mixer;adopted intelligent rotor design and precision blender system, very suitable for continuous mixing of single flour with high efficiency and mildness.
              4.Practical design and low operation cost :intelligent design can decrease maintenance requirements and operation cost;the inverted front cover facilitates design is easy to entry to complete cleaning and maintenance work. The precise agitator fixing system on the rotor can replace a single agitator quickly without removing the rotor itself.

              Product details

              Technical Specification

              Technical data:

              ModelXMHHZS 24x160XMHHZS 32x210XMHHZS 36x230XMHHZS 50x280
              Main shaft (r/min)103±190±186±183±1


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