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              Screwed conveyor

              Screwed conveyor


              ● High hygiene
              ● Widely application
              ● Low maintenance cost and high production efficiency


              Application :
              Screwed conveyor is a highly refined factory assembly used for conveying, feeding and unloading. Animal feed mills, grain mills, malt mills and other mills may use it for horizontal and inclined conveyance of coarse and fine powder as well as fine and coarse materials, normally in conjunction with vibrating unloader.

              Performance features::
              1.Solid design, low maintenance requirements, high reliability
              The design of cylindrical twisted dragon is extremely strong, prolongs the service life and reduces the maintenance cost;
              Optional large capacity feed inlet with progressive pitch ensures continuous discharge from the storage bin to prevent material congestion.
              2.Optimized design, good sealing, less residue
              Adopt full seal design, can prevent dust escape, thus ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment of the equipment;
              The optimized design effectively reduces nooks and crannies, thus reducing product residue.
              3.Modular design and optional, achieving a high degree of flexibility
              Modular design of the drive system, feed and outlet kits, so that it can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers;
              The equipment is available in powder coated low carbon steel (standard) and optional stainless steel: variations in materials and surface finish enable it in a wide range of applications.

              Machine Details

              Technical Specifications


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